Four Children in Manitoba will get their Make-A-Wish thanks to local Portagers putting together a raffle that sold over 2500 tickets. Chairperson for Make-A-Wish, Bev Dewis, talks about some of the fantastic raffle prizes.  

"The raffle prizes are two baskets donated by us in the committee, there are about 14 girls on the committee, and we donate for the basket, and then Enns Brothers donates this great little John Deere Gator that some child is going to be pretty happy to win."  

The draw was on Friday at Enns Brothers. The winners of these prizes were Albert and Nancy Fehr, Sharon Williams, and Trevor and Rebecca Huskins. According to Dewis all of the winners could not be happier with the prize they received.  

Here in Portage, a Make-A-Wish fundraiser has been going on for many years now. The committee plans on running this fundraiser for many more years as this is a great opportunity for the kids who need their wishes to come true.  

Chair Coordinator Marion Campbell takes the time to mention all of the supporters.  

"We want to say a big thank you to all the people who purchased tickets. We were pretty much almost sold out two weeks before the draw here today. Next is Enns Brothers. They are such a great supporter of ours. This is the third year they have given us a wonderful gift to raffle off. We also have to say thank you to Portage Supermarket. They sell tickets and keep one of our baskets in the store. Portage Co-op as they allow us to sit in there and sell tickets,  but once again, especially to the people who bought the tickets, we so appreciate it."