"It's been a real eye-opener the last couple of weeks," says Portage la Prairie MLA Jeff Bereza. 

He refers to Manitoba's first boot camp for new MLAs, enabling them to learn the ropes. Bereza describes the value of the sessions.

"I really salute the province of Manitoba for doing this MLA boot camp," says Bereza. "I can't imagine being thrown in there with no training and no information. I think this is just a way that we can be more efficient as MLAs. And I salute the people. Rick Yarish was there. His title is Deputy Clerk. He implemented this program and I think it is going to put Manitoba way ahead when it comes to new MLAs and new people coming into government."

He says the people of our constituency have been terrific and he's met with many groups to introduce himself. Bereza notes he met with Mayor Sharilyn Knox and with the Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie. 

"I've been out in the St. Ambroise area," adds Bereza. "I've been to pretty well all corners of our constituency."

Bereza also made mention of the Leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba will soon be having a Leadership Convention now that Heather Stefanson has announced she's stepping down. 

"I believe Heather Stefanson has done a very good job," notes Bereza. "She's been in there for a long time, as well, and she has decided not to continue as leader after we pick a leader."

He notes the date of the convention is not yet decided.


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