As the Portage la Prairie RCMP continues to offers tips to prevent crime this week, they continue to focus on technlogy you can install to help protect your home.

Inspector Paul Peddle says there are many alarm system options available to you.

"Alarm systems are extremely important," says Peddle. "We find, from a policing standpoint, if an alarm goes off at a property or a residence in the city, usually the police are there very quickly to respond to that."

He says an alarm system can help in a variety of ways.

"They hear the sirens coming, or if they hear the alarm in the house, they're going to leave before any sort of damage or theft occurs," says Peddle. "If that's not present, it just allows the criminal more time to commit the thefts and take the property from the home. So, we always encourage an alarm system. That's something that's definitely gone down in price from what it was years ago."

He wants to remind you to consider getting a security camera, as well, as the two work very well together.