The Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC) has welcomed a new member, but not in the way you might expect!

Ajidamoo Aki (pronounced ah-JEE-da-MOO ah-KEE) means ground squirrel, and is also the name of the new mascot for the organization. Lorna Knight, community engagement coordinator, says this mascot is the first one the PCRC has ever had.

"The PCRC has a lot of community events, we're out in the community a lot, we partner with a lot of organizations," explains Knight. "We really just wanted to have something fun that we could add to our repertoire during events that we hold. It appeals to children of all ages, so our mascot just seemed like a really great fit for our organization."

She adds they decided to go with Ajidamoo Aki as ground squirrels are native to Portage la Prairie. She mentions that the mascot was the brainchild of community facilitator Rachel Templeton after receiving some funding to put toward their programs.

"Our mascot has some lovely new shirts," notes Knight. "They've been done by Alpha Machine Apparel and so has many different shirts to wear to fit different occasions so we're excited to introduce the mascot to the different events as we have them coming up."

To celebrate Ajidamoo Aki's introduction to Portage, the PCRC is holding a colouring contest. You can pick up and drop off the pages at the PCRC office, located at 56 Royal Road North.