It should surprise no one that Elm Creek's Corinne Schroeder has solidified her spot on the opening day roster for New York of the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL).

The PWHL announced Tuesday that training camp evaluations had wrapped up and named 157 of the world's best female players, representing 12 countries, to final rosters for the league's six teams ahead of the first-ever PWHL regular season game, which will take place on New Year's Day at Toronto's Mattamy Athletic Centre. Whether Schroeder gets the start in the crease or not, she will be a part of history as Toronto takes on New York in what promises to be an exciting match-up.

Schroeder was the third goalie selected in the first-ever PWHL Draft in September, when she was chosen in the 6th round, 33rd overall.

file photoSchroeder playing with the Boston Pride of the Premier Hockey Federation. 

"The competition is going to be really intense and challenging, which is exciting for me. That'll help me grow as a player and help me develop further to reach my full potential. There's so much to be excited about," Schroeder told PortageOnline in September.

In the 2022-23 season, while playing with the Boston Pride of the Premier Hockey Federation, Schroeder was named Goalie of the Year and Rookie of the Year, breaking numerous records before the league folded in anticipation of the PWHL. Schroeder will forever hold the Premier Hockey Federation record for most shutouts in a season (7), most wins in a season (19), and total saves in a season (761). Before that, the Elm Creek goaltender played Women's NCAA Division 1 hockey for the Quinnipiac Bobcats for 5 years, posting a 1.44 goals-against-average and a 0.951 save percentage in her senior season.

file photoSchroeder playing with the NCAA  Division 1 Quinnipiac Bobcats.

"The positive energy, depth of talent and skill on all teams, and the fierce competition displayed during scrimmages at our pre-season evaluation camp in Utica, New York, was an exciting sign of what PWHL fans will enjoy when the puck drops in January," said Jayna Hefford, PWHL Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations in a statement Tuesday. "Among the camp takeaways was a commitment from the league to provide additional opportunities for players to be a part of the PWHL this season, leading to the decision to increase the number of roster reserves from two to three players per team, which is reflected across all final rosters."

Each team will be allowed to carry a roster of 23 players under contract and three reserve players this season. 



Forwards (13)
Brandt, Hannah (Drafted 5-27)
Darkangelo, Shiann (Drafted 12-70)
Gabel, Loren (Drafted 4-22)
Girard, Taylor (Drafted 9-51)
Knight, Hilary (Signed FA)
Kosta, Nicole (Camp Invite)
Marvin, Gigi (Camp Invite)
Müller, Alina (Drafted 1-3)
Pelkey, Amanda (Camp Invite)
Rattray, Jamie Lee (Drafted 3-15)
Schafzahl, Theresa (Drafted 7-39)
Shirley, Sophie (Drafted 11-63)
Wenczkowski, Taylor (Camp Invite)

Defenders (7)
Brown, Emily (Drafted 8-46)
DiGirolamo, Jessica (Drafted 6-34)
Fratkin, Kaleigh (Camp Invite)
Healey, Jess (Drafted 15-87)
Jaques, Sophie (Drafted 2-10)
Keller, Megan (Signed FA)
Morin, Sidney (Drafted 9-49 MIN)

Goaltenders (3)
Frankel, Aerin (Signed FA)
Kronish, Cami (Camp Invite)
Söderberg, Emma (Drafted 10-58)

Reserves (3)
Buckles, Emma (Drafted 13-75) D
Davis, Sammy (Camp Invite) F
Isbell, Samantha (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Bryant, Brooke (Camp Invite)
Butorac, Claire (Camp Invite)
Cava, Michela (Drafted 12-72)
Coyne Schofield, Kendall (Signed FA)
DeGeorge, Clair (Drafted 6-36)
Fleming, Brittyn (Camp Invite)
Heise, Taylor (Drafted 1-1)
Křížová, Denisa (Drafted 8-48)
Kunin, Sophia (Drafted 10-60)
Pannek, Kelly (Signed FA)
Schepers, Liz (Drafted 13-73)
Tapani, Susanna (Drafted 5-25)
Zumwinkle, Grace (Drafted 3-13)

Defenders (7)
Buchbinder, Natalie (Drafted 7-37)
Channell, Mellissa (Drafted 10-59 TOR)
Cook, Abby (Camp Invite)
Flaherty, Maggie (Drafted 4-24)
Greco, Emma (Camp Invite)
Kremer, Dominique (Camp Invite)
Stecklein, Lee (Signed FA)

Goaltenders (3)
Hensley, Nicole (Drafted 2-12)
Leveille, Amanda (Drafted 11-61)
Rooney, Maddie (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Bench, Lauren (Camp Invite) G
Boreen, Abigail (Camp Invite) F
Nightengale, Nikki (Camp Invite) D

LTIR (1)
Brodt, Sydney (Drafted 15-85) F


Forwards (13)
Bettez, Ann-Sophie (Drafted 14-79)
Bujold, Sarah (Camp Invite)
Dalton, Claire (Drafted 12-67)
David, Gabrielle (Drafted 9-54)
Dempsey, Jillian (Drafted 11-66)
Lefort, Sarah (Camp Invite)
Lum, Leah (Camp Invite)
Marchment, Kennedy (Drafted 6-31)
Murphy, Maureen (Drafted 3-18)
O’Neill, Kristin (Drafted 2-7)
Poulin, Marie-Philip (Signed FA)
Stacey, Laura (Signed FA)
Vanišová, Tereza (Drafted 7-42)

Defenders (7)
Ambrose, Erin (Drafted 1-6)
Bizal, Madison (Drafted 8-43)
Daoust, Catherine (Camp Invite)
Keopple, Mariah (Camp Invite)
Laganière, Brigitte (Camp Invite)
Lásková, Dominika (Drafted 4-19)
Tabin, Kati (Drafted 5-30)

Goaltenders (3)
Boissonnault, Marlène (Camp Invite)
Chuli, Elaine (Drafted 13-78)
Desbiens, Ann-Renée (Signed FA)

Reserves (3)
Daoust, Mélodie (Camp Invite) F
Dubois, Catherine (Camp Invite) F
Poznikoff, Alexandra (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Aurard, Chloé (Drafted 4-21)
Carpenter, Alex (Signed FA)
Downie-Landry, Jade (Drafted 9-52)
Eldridge, Jessie (Drafted 3-16)
Giguère, Elizabeth (Drafted 5-28)
Labelle, Alexandra (Drafted 15-88)
Levis, Paetyn (Drafted 10-57)
Norcross, Savannah (Camp Invite)
Packer, Madison (Camp Invite)
Roque, Abby (Signed FA)
Saulnier, Jill (Drafted 7-40)
Vespa, Kayla (Drafted 13-76)
Woods, Emma (Drafted 14-81)

Defenders (7)
Baker, Taylor (Camp Invite)
Bourbonnais, Jaime (Drafted 2-9)
Fällman, Johanna (Camp Invite)
Hobson, Brooke (Drafted 8-45)
Shelton, Ella (Drafted 1-4)
Zafuto, Olivia (Drafted 12-69)
Zandee-Hart, Micah (Signed FA)

Goaltenders (3)
Levy, Abbey (Drafted 11-64)
Post, Lindsey (Camp Invite)
Schroeder, Corinne (Drafted 6-33)

Reserves (3)
Gruschow, Alexa (Camp Invite) F
Olivier, Carley (Camp Invite) D
Thompson, Claire (Camp Invite) D


Forwards (13)
Adzija, Lexie (Drafted 11-65)
Clark, Emily (Signed FA)
Della Rovere, Kristin (Drafted 10-56)
Garát-Gasparics, Fanni (Camp Invite)
Gilmore, Becca (Camp Invite)
Grant-Mentis, Mikyla (Camp Invite)
Hughes, Gabrielle (Drafted 4-20)
Jenner, Brianne (Signed FA)
Mrázová, Kateřina (Drafted 8-44)
Scamurra, Hayley (Drafted 5-29)
Shiga, Akane (Camp Invite)
Snodgrass, Natalie (Camp Invite)
Watts, Daryl (Drafted 6-32)

Defenders (7)
Bell, Ashton (Drafted 2-8)
Boulier, Amanda (Drafted 13-77)
Boyd, Zoe (Drafted 9-53)
Harmon, Savannah (Drafted 1-5)
Howran, Victoria (Camp Invite)
Roese, Jincy (Drafted 3-17)
Tejralová, Aneta (Drafted 7-41)

Goaltenders (3)
Abstreiter, Sandra (Drafted 12-68)
Maschmeyer, Emerance (Signed FA)
McQuigge, Rachel (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Davison, Taylor (Camp Invite) D
Demers, Rosalie (Camp Invite) F
Schneider, Malia (Camp Invite) F


Forwards (13)
Cogan, Samantha (Camp Invite)
Compher, Jesse (Drafted 5-26)
Connors, Maggie (Drafted 11-62)
Howard, Brittany (Drafted 8-47)
Jones, Jess (Camp Invite)
Leslie, Rebecca (Drafted 12-71)
Maltais, Emma (Drafted 2-11)
Miller, Hannah (Drafted 13-74)
Nurse, Sarah (Signed FA)
Spooner, Natalie (Drafted 4-23)
Turnbull, Blayre (Signed FA)
Vasko, Alexa (Drafted 14-83)
Willoughby, Kaitlin (Camp Invite)

Defenders (7)
Fast, Renata (Signed FA)
Flanagan, Kali (Drafted 6-35)
Knowles, Olivia (Drafted 15-86)
Larocque, Jocelyne (Drafted 1-2)
Munroe, Allie (Drafted 9-50)
Poulin-Labelle, Maude (Drafted 10-55 MTL)
Rougeau, Lauriane (Camp Invite)

Goaltenders (3)
Campbell, Kristen (Drafted 3-14)
Howe, Erica (Camp Invite)
Jackson, Carly (Camp Invite)

Reserves (3)
Bach, Victoria (Drafted 7-38) F
Keenan, Emma (Camp Invite) D
Kondas, Jessica (Camp Invite) D

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