Visitation guidelines have been expanded for long-term care facilities in Manitoba, effective Monday, January 23rd.
According to Shared Health, the move comes as pandemic restrictions continue to loosen in light of high rates of vaccination and reduced severity of illness. 
As a result, individual long-term care facilities, such as Lions Prairie Manor and Douglas Campbell Lodge, will begin managing visitation according to the capacity and outbreak status of their facility. Previous guidance placed limits in some circumstances on the number of designated caregivers and general visitors that could attend at a time. That guidance remains in place to limit general visitation during outbreak situations.
Shared Health noted, visitors and designated caregivers should continue to screen for signs or symptoms of illness and should stay home if they are unwell. Mask use and hand hygiene requirements, as well as physical distancing where masks are not worn, remain in place.
There are no changes to visitation for acute care facilities.


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