Thieves struck a sheep farm in the St. Claude area just over a week ago, stealing 640 lambs from Norman Goulet.

It's the third straight year his operation's been victimized, and counting this time, he's lost 1940 sheep.

Goulet describes his feeling as "fed up" because raising sheep is a lot of work. He adds it's not unusual to put in 20 hour days during lambing time.
Goulet estimates he lost $40,000.00 to $50,000.00 last year, even though he had insurance coverage. He hasn't figured out his losses this year.

Goulet's moved a camper into the pasture area, and is sleeping there in hopes of deterring thieves. He's also eliminated one entrance to the pasture, and built a locked gate.
The theft is being investigated by the Treherne RCMP.