If you're feeling competitive today, you can head down to Central Plains Rec Plex in Southport and take part in their annual Bouldering competition.

Rec Plex Recreation Manager Mark Austin tells us what bouldering is, and what categories will compete.

"Bouldering is low level climbing," says Austin. "Technically it's not high climbing, there's no ropes required, so bouldering on the lower levels. In our climbing pit we'll have three categories- youth, recreational and open."

Austin notes the youth category is for children 12 and under.

Austin says prizes will be available for each category as well as an overall first and second prize for competitors.

"We get sponsorship from a climbing wall company in B.C., and they essentially sponsor prize packages," Austin says. "It'll be equipment or it might be coupons to go somewhere in Winnipeg."

If you're interested in the event, you can register at the Rec Plex for only $25. Check-in starts at 10:00 a.m.

To contact the Rec Plex, call 204-428-6050.