With the Manitoba Air Show coming to Southport this weekend, the performers are arriving to prepare.

One of the attractions is the Canadian Armed Forces Skyhawks parachute team, who met with a group of young people this morning at Stride Place. They demonstrated how a parachute unfurls, and how it's re-packed.

Warrant Officer Mike DwyerWarrant Officer Mike Dwyer feels it's important to connect with young people, and answer their questions.

"We get the best questions from the youngest kids, absolutely," he says, "Very inquisitive -- for instance, 'what would happen if your parachute does not open'. It's a tremendous highlight, to tell you the truth. You get to go to smaller communities, you get to go out and meet the people -- it's just fantastic."

11 year old Josh Rempel thinks he's like to try parachuting one day.

"Because it would be fun to jump of planes," he says, "When you're in the air, you can

Josh Rempelsee the whole land. You can see everywhere, and it's pretty cool."

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