Andrea Kalinowich set out to do what she could to help Ukraine in the midst of the battle defending themselves against Russia in eastern Europe. She took it upon herself to print T-shirts reading, "I Stand With Ukraine," and send all proceeds to the war-torn nation.

She explains the effort did much better than she imagined.

"We've got all the numbers in and it certainly exceeded my expectations," says Kalinowich. "We sold 313 shirts and what we're going to have is $4,711.00 that will go directly to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal."

She notes when we first interview her, they had just hit the 200 t-shirt sale mark. Since then, Kalinowich adds a pleasing number of additional sales were made.

"We had people from the community who contacted me and wanted to order T-shirts and we were able to sneak them in past the 4:00 o'clock deadline, so we were very happy," continues Kalinowich. "We're considering another run of T-shirts depending on the interest. I know there's been a few people who have contacted me and it was a little bit too late. I think we'll finish up with this one and then kind of see where we're at, and see if we're going to go ahead with another order."

Kalinowich says she'd like to extend a huge thank you to Kelly Funk at Keystone Sports who was onboard when she first approached him.

"He was willing to help us out and I know that Kelly absorbed some of the cost and allowed us to have the profit margin of 70 per cent," adds Kalinowich. "He gave us an amazing deal during a time when prices are on the rise and businesses are suffering. So, I just urge everyone to support your local businesses."

She also extends her thanks to everyone who purchased a T-shirt, noting you helped her exceed her expectations.

"I set out to sell 100 T-shirts and raise maybe $1,500 for Ukraine, but the generosity and the response from the community was fantastic. Together, we more than tripled what I had hoped for. So, just a big shout-out and thank you to everyone, and Slava Ukraini! (Glory to Ukraine!)"