Universities from across Canada gathered this past weekend in Southport for a drone competition. Sponsor businesses were on hand looking for hopeful employees adept at the cutting edge technology. Southport director of business development Deanna Talbot says twelve universities were represented.

"Sunday night we wrapped up the student competition with a banquet at Canad Inns to thank all the sponsors and all the volunteers, but to ultimately announce all the winners of the competition," says Talbot.

University of Victoria wins first place

Competition tentsShe says the competitors were tasked with solving a crime scene using evidence at the airfield with their drones. Three different tasks were performed. Talbot says some universities had multiple drones, but could only use one at a time.

University of Victoria won first place. ETS (École de technologie supérieure) won second, and the University of British Columbia won third. Talbot adds this was the first time the University of Victoria won the competition.

Southport recognized for hosting the competition