Accelerated Christian Education Canada in Southport is host tomorrow for schools from Alberta to Northern Ontario. A.C.E. Canada field manager Joe Wurtz says the seniors are preparing for another upcoming convention.

Joe Wurtz"Ages 13 to 19 year-olds -- they need to qualify regionally in order for them to participate in the International Student Convention in Indiana, Pennsylvania, this coming May," says Wurtz.

He adds, "There's a whole list of athletics: Running, discus, soccer kick, table tennis, and tennis. We'll have academics which include checkers, and chess. There'll be writing events, art events -- pen and ink, colour pencil -- photography's a huge category that's well-attended. There's also music and platform events, and all kinds of singing and playing. Some are even taking part in plays and puppets."

Alfred MacLarenA.C.E. Canada manager Alfred MacLaren says the local school has nine seniors who are making the trip to Pennsylvania next month. At this convention awards for competitions include first place medals and second and third place ribbons. International awards include medals with different coloured ribbon for first to sixth places.

Conventions have been taking place in Southport for over twenty years, and MacLaren notes some years see over 100 students and then another year might only see 50. He adds the international school convention will have upwards of 2,500 students from around the world including Australia, China, Russia and South America.

Wurtz adds it's a wonderful opportunity and is A.C.E.'s highlight for the students, incorporating everything they've worked hard for through the course of the school year. He notes it builds up students' character and shows the talents Christ has given them. Students also get to meet others both regionally and internationally.

MacLaren says much fundraising takes place for the international convention throughout the year. A budget of close to $18,000 is required, and they reached their goal.