Lighthouse Christian School in Southport is holding its student convention this week. Accelerated Christian Education Student convention Director Joe Wurtz outlines their events.

Joe Wurtz"It's giving the students an opportunity to use those gifts and talents God created them with, and to explore how well they can do certain things," says Wurtz. "Some simple things like running and playing games are pretty easy things to do for a lot of kids. But when it comes to something like photography or a platform event where they're standing in front of a group, to develop those skills will last in effect for a lifetime."

He says the senior students range from age 13 to 19 and are able to qualify for the international student convention taking place in Muncie, Indiana, this year. Wurtz adds the top six or three in certain categories gather in Indiana for a four-day convention on May 19th.

The convention has been taking place between 35 and 40 years. Two schools are here from Alberta, one from Saskatchewan and two here from Manitoba.