North Memorial School in Portage la Prairie is enjoying Spirit Week right now. It's to kick off spring and leads right into the great Spring Break to which students are all looking forward. 

Principal Val Smith says it's action-packed and makes learning fun and exciting.

"Tuesday is Backwards Day. On Wednesday, we have Wear Words, Thursday is Pajama Day, and Friday is Gym Blast and Team Spirit Day -- wear your sports jersey if you have one. So, we're just finishing up with a fun week of activities."

She notes classes resume on April 3rd for their last term. She outlines what's coming up after the break.

"We've got swimming lessons, we've got Heritage Month, we've got SDI Month -- all sorts of things to look forward to, and make learning fun and exciting at North Memorial School," adds Smith. 

Smith explains fun activities make learning more fun and also engages the kids in a greater way and they enjoy the mystery each day brings. 

"What is your teacher going to do today? Will they participate? It's really important in building relationships," continues Smith. "Kids see that you're not just standing in front of a classroom or moving around the class, teaching them things but you can have a lot of fun beside them. They see you in a different light when you're having a basketball game with them, and you're one of the team, or you're competing against them. You become real people and more endearing to them. When you build a relationship, learning takes place, even at a greater capacity."

The principal says the staff wants to engage in anything that will enhance students' learning skills.  

"So, we want to do all those kinds of learning things, and build that relationship in all our kids," adds Smith. "Happy kids that enjoy their teachers and their school come to school and learn."