The Portage Terriers are hoping for a good harvest in the local area. They've teamed up with Richardson Pioneer Dundonald for an initiative, which will allow producers to donate a portion of their harvest to the Portage Terriers when they deliver the grain to the elevator north of MacDonald. Terrier Board Member David Koroscil says they're grateful for the support of Richardson Pioneer, noting the goal is to reach out to the farming community.

The idea follows similar initiatives taking place in agriculturally prominent areas, where crops are planted with the sole intention of using the proceeds for different charitable organizations. Koroscil says they decided to take a slightly different approach, to cast a much wider net for support.

"It's a broader area. It's not one, two, or a half-dozen producers involved. This is for anyone who delivers grain to the particular elevator. They can donate whatever amount they want, the can say they want to deduct 50 bushels, a hundred bushels, or 300 bushels. We've left it open to any commodity, so if you're delivering a load of canola today or a load of wheat next week it's just a portion of whatever load you deliver."

Koroscil says it's always easy for the Terriers to go into town and speak with the businesses, but notes reaching those in the agricultural sector has been a challenge. He says they're currently working on identifying a way to give back to those who donate through the new initiative, citing free flex packages or jackets as some of the possibilities being discussed.

Those at Richardson Pioneer are thrilled to be a part of the new initiative. Director of Operations Devon Smith says it's the first time they've ever done a fundraiser like this, and they're excited to see how much support is there. He notes when the idea first came up, it didn't take long for the company to jump on board.

"The Terriers are a big part of our community, something we can all get behind. As a local business, I think it's very important for us to give back to them. It's an expensive venture, running a junior hockey club so we're very excited to partner with the Terriers on it. We have the ability to provide the facility and the admin work for this unique sponsorship opportunity so we're very happy to get behind this."

Those involved with the initiative say they'll continue to accept donations of crops any time producers wish to contribute.