In a surprising turn of events at the MacGregor Golf Course, 13 sheds were vandalized, and valuable items, including golf clubs, were stolen. Karla Gurke, the Facility Manager for North Norfolk Municipality, shared her disbelief. 

"It was quite shocking to tell the truth." Gurke notes, "Because I've been doing this job for 10 years and I've only got one other memory that we had any issues with break-ins or anything like that. It's kind of shocking to see that somebody has the nerve and the time they cut 13 locks and damaged more, that nobody noticed."

The discovery was made when two board members responded to a tip about open shed doors. Gurke quickly contacted affected members and involved the RCMP in the investigation. The locks appeared to be cut with bolt cutters. 

Gurke highlighted the challenge of tracking missing items due to seasonal shed owners and the absence of snow around the sheds. Fortunately, the clubhouse, under constant surveillance, was spared any damage. She issued a stern warning to potential wrongdoers, emphasizing the vigilance of the surveillance cameras. 

Expressing hope that this incident doesn't become a trend, Gurke empathized with those affected, recognizing the emotional toll in a tight-knit community.

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