Ecole Arthur Meighen School proved to be a powerhouse in the sport of curling this year.

The school had two of their teams meet in the league finals, one of which took home the championship. Vice Principal Doyle Moar says it was great to see this type of success come out of their school.

"They played a hard game. I think the score was 5-3. We had a rink of a few kids from Grade 7 who played another rink with kids from our school in Grade 8 with some Grade 7s mixed in there too," Moar explains.

It has been quite the month for Arthur Meighen athletics, as they also won both the boys' and girls' basketball championships. Moar says it's just great to see the students competing once again.

"It's just nice seeing those kids out, passionate about sports again, and getting involved," Moar continues. "We know the benefits to that, so it's nice to see."

The vice principal adds the participation in curling this year was tremendous.

"With curling, we can have as many teams as we want," says Moar. "So, we had quite a few teams in the curling league this year. It's nice to see that they all did pretty well."

With the success seen by many of their Grade 7 teams, Moar is optimistic they will be able to bring home another curling championship next year.