The 24th CP Holiday Train rolled into Portage la Prairie Sunday, December 4, by the BDO Centre just before 3:00 p.m. It’s the first time since 2019.  Aysanabee took the stage first and then Tenille Townes sang her hit, Somebody's Daughter, followed by some Christmas songs.

Crowd gatheredPart of the c​​​​rowd gathered

About 1,000 people from Portage and area were there for the warmest day of the weekend, at only -3 Celsius.

Salvation Army Major Brenda Hammond and Mayor Sharilyn Knox received a cheque from CP Rail of $6,000 to go toward the Salvation Army food bank.

Braden SchraderBraden Schrader and his son

Braden Schrader was there with his wife and two children.

“This is my first time, so it's nice that it's come through and I'm able to make it,” says Schrader. “It's a good experience. I’m with my two sons and my wife. It's awesome. I think he's (one of his sons) really big into trains and stuff like that. So, that always helps. And the music is awesome and just the atmosphere. And there are the foundations and stuff like that that are going around for charities and stuff. It’s been really nice.”


Bob also attended and was impressed, noting he comes every year.

“You see the excited kids there and yet it's a neat thing to come out to. Kids love trains generally and because it's Christmas and they're singing Santa tunes, it's a neat, neat experience for the kids. It’s part of Christmas. Good for CP. They generate a lot for the needy in their communities and as the guy said, there's 160 stops this year. That's incredible.”

JimJim Young

Jim Young says he comes every year and always enjoys it.

“It’s nice to see, and see all the people come out and support the Salvation Army. It’s good to be getting back to normal.”

Vanessa ShurkoVanessa Shurko

Venessa Shurko was with her son, and shares her thoughts.

“It’s great to have it back, “says Shurko. “This is my second one. I've enjoyed both of them greatly! Just the music and the participation with the crowds …. just getting out and being part of the community, and all the support.”

Tenille TownesTenille Townes

Tenille Townes spoke to us and shared her joy of being a part.

“Merry Christmas, everybody! It's such a dream to be a part of the Holiday Train. Thanks for coming out and support your food bank.”

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