Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) opened its doors to parents last night to parents who are considering sending their students to the high school.

Rob Pehura, Vice Principal, says the idea was to help get parents more acclimated with the school Grade 9 Team and what next year will look like.

"Just a little bit of information on some of the programs that Portage Collegiate offers and some of the pathways that kids can start looking at when they arrive here."

He explains that they want parents and students to get a good feel for ways to flourish at PCI other than just sitting in the classroom. 

"Things like the apprenticeship program, work credits, and volunteer opportunities."

Pehura adds that parent information nights like this can make the transition to a school of 1100 pupils less scary.

The Vice Principal notes that the presentation was about an hour and he hopes the parents that came had all their questions answered.