The Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF) started in 1944 and 75 years later the group’s mandate really hasn’t changed that much.

In mid-October, the MWF held it’s 8th annual Wild at Heart fundraising banquet and 75th Anniversary celebration together. The group’s executive director Chris Heald was thrilled with response to the group’s banquet.

“It was one of our most successful events ever. It was our highest turnout ever since holding the dinner and we probably exceeded our expectations by about 150 people so I would have to say it was a huge success.”

The MWF’s mission is dedication to the conservation and sustainable use of fish, wildlife and habitat resources through advocacy, education and conservation programs. It’s the province's oldest and largest conservation organization and is made up of more than 14,000 outdoor enthusiasts.

“Support for this year’s event was overwhelming and we had some many prizes donated we had to hold some over for the next event so it’s incredible and the support again has been overwhelming.”

“As for the work we do our issues really haven’t changed that much. We are still here supporting the resource and protecting our right to the resource and for all Manitobans and that mission statement hasn’t changed for 75 years,” said Heald.

Money raised from the annual banquet goes into general revenues and will help support a variety of projects and programs such as shared management, hunter education, mentor hunts, learn to fish programs and learn to hunt programs.

“I don’t like to use the word sport because this is a lifestyle for us and it’s about the sustainable use of the resource. I don’t like using the word sport for me it’s a culture and for a lot of us here it’s our culture. We were born and raised harvesting and we enjoy the outdoors.”