The Community Foundation of Portage and District are looking for non-profit organizations for their 150 Women Who Care program.

Executive director Kim Lavallee says the event sees five non-profit organizations present to 150 women about why they should receive a $10,000 grant. Once the presentations are done, the women would vote on the grant winner.

“The Portage Animal Welfare Society has won before,” explains Lavallee. “The Bear Clan has also won, with the Family Resource Centre winning last year.”

With only 150 women being able to participate in the event, tickets are usually sold rather quickly, with last year’s edition selling out in four days. The executive director notes, as this is the fifth year of the giveaway, they hope it will sell out even faster.

For the organizations hoping to attend, Lavallee outlines how you can apply.

“You can go on our website and fill out an application or you can drop in at 206 Saskatchewan Avenue East,” says Lavallee. “Or, you could give us a call and certainly we can help you fill out the application or answer any questions that you might have.”

She adds that they expect tickets to go on sale in January.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Portage and District and 150 Women Who Care, click here.