A new fund has been created at the Community Foundation of Portage & District. It's in cooperation with the Portage Learning & Literacy Centre, and was made on October 20. 

PLLC has had many long-serving Board and Staff Members over the years, and their Board of Directors recently decided to create a bursary fund to recognize these accomplishments as well as help deserving students & clients of the PLLC achieve their career and life goals through post-secondary education as well.

The original idea came when PLLC looked to honour Al Braun, a Board Member who had served 26 years and had always been a true advocate for the centre and for the students and clients accessing their programs. He is a strong believer in education being key to opening up opportunities for individuals, personally and professionally, and its positive effects on society as a whole. This is one of the very principles PLLC was founded on, and continues to this day.

PLLC then looked to the Community Foundation of Portage & District (CFPD) for advice and assistance in creating this bursary. The Portage Learning & Literacy Centre Fund: In Honour of Long-Serving Board & Staff Members has now officially been launched and the goal is to grow the fund with CFPD and use the investment income earned each year to fund the bursary. PLLC will manage the bursary, including selecting the recipients, and hopes to annually help at least one of their very deserving students or clients who will be pursuing their goals and taking post-secondary studies that year.

Community Foundation of Portage and District Executive Director Kimberly Lavallee says it's entitled the Portage Learning and Literacy Fund.

"It was established to annually fund bursary or bursaries presented in honour of long-serving board or staff and is available to students from which they will actually choose the participants," says Lavallee. "

She explains you can give to the fund by going online on their website or by contacting the Portage Learning and Literacy Centre to make a donation. 

"It's wonderful, and I'm assuming, with Giving Week coming up soon, there will be more coming," adds Lavallee. "Giving Week is November 14th to the 20th. This year, we have four stretch-funders. For every $5, another $4 will be added to that."

The fund had not progressed to allow them to actually issue bursaries yet, and has started with $500. Executive Director Cathy Dowd notes once it reaches $5,000, the bursaries can begin to be issued. They're hoping to get the amount up to that amount as soon as possible, and you can help by giving to the cause. There will be an application process for those who will receive the bursaries, also.