The Portage Collegiate Trojans football team is being heavily represented on the British Columbia Football Conference's Okanagan Sun.

Running backs Kaiden and Kyler Banfield, offensive lineman Jayden Shindle, and defensive back Colby Irwin are all in their first year with the squad. While they will be working for roster spots mainly in year number one, Irwin says he's finding a role for himself.

"I started out as a receiver and made the switch to defensive back," Irwin explains. "That was mostly to open up more opportunity to play on with the special teams' units. Since it's my first year, I want to be able to get on the field as much as possible."

Irwin says the team has seen success so far this season which has been encouraging for him. He describes what the transition from PCI to the Sun has been like.

"Coming from a small town, you're used to being one of the best players but once you get out here every one is taking things seriously and in tip-top shape," says Irwin. "It's a lot to get used to but once you do it's a lot of fun."

Irwin says the first week was a huge adjustment for him with heavy doses of cardio workouts at practice on top of multiple extra hours of preparation in the film room. He says it has been great to see what the best players at this level do to get better so he can try and follow suit.

He describes his number one goal for the season.

"I'm wanting to be able to get on the field as a defensive back and play in a game," Irwin explains. "It's a bit harder this year because we have 23-year-olds playing with us since COVID extended their next season. We have a lot of returning players and had a lot of University players transfer to the program. So, for me, it's just trying to get on the field as a defensive back and making an impact."

The Okanagan Sun are currently 2-0 this season and are back in action on September 25.