Sometimes the road less travelled is taken not just to challenge yourself but to save your car in the process.

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)  has launched their voting period for the 2023 Worst Roads in Manitoba campaign.

Theresa Di Felice, Assistant Vice President of Government & Community Relations at CAA, highlights that the 2022 list included Lorne Ave W and Saskatchewan Ave from Portage la Prairie.

"Roads is one of those things that people talk about and don't know what to do or how to get action on it, and what the annual CAA Worst Roads campaign is about is getting action on the roads that are big pain points to people," says Di Felice.

The road's surface is a big part of the survey's criteria. However, there are other reasons to vote, according to Di Felice.

"We're actually seeing a lot of people come and talk about congestion as the reason or poor design, that lack of cycling or pedestrian infrastructure. There are all kinds of reasons why you can select the road that you're voting on."

Di Felice adds that based on a separate survey CAA did with their members, 88 per cent of them note that they're venting their frustrations with their partners, family, friends, coworkers and even their mechanics, but only 3 per cent go to the government to talk about it.

"This is a way to have your voices collectively heard because CAA then takes that information and does advocacy after the list."

CAA notes that 53 per cent of Manitoba members have experienced vehicle damage because of poor road conditions, with 76 percent paying out of pocket to fix vehicle repairs.

The annual CAA Worst Roads campaign can be voted on every day until April 11th.

We took to the roads in Portage to find the worst potholes in Pothole la Prairie. Check out the video below and show us your worst potholes by going to any of our Facebook pages and submitting a photo in the comments. You may even win a 50-dollar gift card if you leave a photo.