The Cadets in Portage la Prairie hope to be more involved in the community.

Members from the local cadet group attended the November 1st Rotary Club meeting. Derek McCutcheon, chairperson for the support committee of the 19 Portage Army Cadets Corps, says the Cadets in the program get plenty of training for various situations.

“Through Cadets, a lot of these young people get to have experiences they wouldn't otherwise have.,” explains McCutcheon. “Whether we're talking about developing skills or the map and compass, or they're talking about social skills that they develop through things like get-togethers.”

He explains that they wanted to speak to the Rotary Club as it’s a great place to network, as well as get support in learning about how to accomplish goals. Since one of the main goals for the Cadets is to re-introduce themselves to the community, speaking to the club members can take care of two issues at once.

“We're ready to come back after this whole COVID-19 thing,” says McCutcheon. “We're really interested in being a vibrant part of our communities future.”

To learn more about the 19 Portage Army Cadets Corps, check out their Facebook page.