Today I got the opportunity to go to the Threshermen‘s reunion and stampede just outside of Austin at the Manitoba agricultural museum. I made a trip out here on Thursday as well, and honestly, it was an all-around blast that I had to come back for a second time! 

It all started in the morning with a pancake breakfast and the Manitoba Clydesdale Classic. Throughout the day, the harvest demonstrations, the Pioneer Power Parade, stooking and threshing completions, and walking through the past with all of the old buildings at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. Some of my favourite parts of this Event were the delicious clay-baked cinnamon buns, doing my live reports from the grounds, and meeting so many of you! 

We knew we were in for a beautiful and hot day at the beginning of the day when at 9:30 it was already 25 DEGREES! One interesting fact that I learned while here is that even though we enjoy the hot weather, the people who operate the steam engines are even hotter as the engine produces so much heat. 

By the end, you could not have asked for a better day at Reunion and Stampede! If you are maybe feeling like you missed out, don’t get too sad just yet. There is still one full day left to head on out here and enjoy all of the fantastic things here in Austin.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to grab some water, entered our Celebrate Summer draw, and chatted with me! It indeed was a blast! I think everyone was pleased to get together following a couple of Covid summers. 

Please enjoy the photos I took at the Threshermen's Reunion and Stampede!