With summer in full force in the province, it's almost that time when Manitobans can sweeten up their summer with some beautiful fresh strawberries.

Sam Connery-Nichols, a manager at Connery Farms, says they are getting everything set up for their U-Pick strawberry season.

"The plants are looking lovely, so we're expecting sometime next week to be our opening day."

She notes that this is her favourite time of the year for multiple reasons.

"I love strawberry season," says Connery-Nichols. "It's nice to see the people. It's the only time we actually get to interact directly with our customers being that most of our other vegetables are sold directly to the big grocery stores. So, with the strawberries, we get to see and talk to our customers, but there is nothing like a fresh strawberry in Manitoba."

Connery’s Farms also grows asparagus, broccoli, carrots and onions which they sell through Peak of the Market.

Connery-Nichols adds that from her experience, the best strawberries come from the seasons that are short and sweet.

"When everything comes really fast all at the same time, it means you can just sit down and pick a basket without really having to move. It's really easy picking. Those seasons are typically shorter, and we can have, depending on the year, anywhere from two to four weeks."

Connery-Nichols concludes she is hopeful for an excellent season of berry picking.

"I know the last two years between COVID and weather, the strawberry seasons haven't been as easy both for the customers and for us farmers, but based on the blossoms we saw in the berries I see forming now, I think it should be a beautiful season."

Connery Farms says that they plan on having an announcement tomorrow, Monday, July 4th, regarding opening day, with details about hours and new pick discounts. 


Photo Credit- Sam Connery-NicholsPhoto Credit- Sam Connery-Nichols