Post-pandemic fun is picking up momentum as more events are happening outdoors for all to join starting today. Dakota Days is taking place at Dakota Tipi First Nation. 

Councilor Kyle Pashe outlines the events this week and on into next.

"Dakota Days is our annual event," says Pashe. "It's our third annual this year. We're going to kick off with the comedy show, The Kickoff Comedy Night with Conway Kootenay, Smudge Pan and Emery Burningrass. Thursday we have a hip-hop concert for the youth. We have MuchMusic Video Award winner Drezus from Calgary performing as well as YK  the Mayor from Winnipeg and V.I.P. from Saskatchewan. This is going to highlight a lot of our youth activities."

He notes they'll kick off the powwow events starting Friday night which will go until Sunday. 

"During this time, we'll also have the strongman contest, the Icupina Moccasin game contests, and some more happening during the weekend," adds Pashe. "On the 27th of June, which is the Monday, we start our Family Fun Day. Our table heydays and that's going to consist of our community coming together, doing events, a game, and we're going to have some contests for them there. We're going to have the bouncy castles, face painters, all that fun stuff for the children."

Pashe says June 28th brings a Cultural Day with archery, games, and storytelling with a lot of Dakota culture involved. 

"We're going to end with an outdoor movie at our rink," continues Pashe. "And we're going to end the night off with some fireworks. So, there are going to be very, very good events here for the week, and we can't wait to get started."

He explains they've continued to hold Dakota Days through the pandemic, however, it was only held for community members. 

"But this year, we are opening Wednesday to Sunday to the public and everyone and anyone is welcome to come and attend and partake," notes Pashe. "Come out and enjoy our events. Come learn some Dakota history, some Dakota culture and also make friendships with our neighbouring communities."

All Dakota Days events are now free entry.

Dakota Days posterDakota Days poster