Many haven't realized that the United Way in Central Plains region engages in programming. One of them will appeal to businesses in the Portage la Prairie. Events Coordinator Megan Romphf says Summer Of Service is being introduced for youth 13 to 18 years of age. 

"We're looking for local community organizations that would like to have volunteers come in through the summer and do some hours. High school students can get some skills under their belts," says Romphf. "It goes toward their high school credits. They get a credit for doing their volunteer hours through us. We're really looking for people to open the doors."

She explains businesses simply need to contact them and inform United Way that they'd love to have a summer student come in and do a volunteer effort this summer for July and August. 

Romphf says programming has been a thing they've offered, but it's been hard to do it along with events and funding. She notes other United Way locations have been doing this, but not so much Portage.

"People don't realize that United Way is programming and we are bringing in a lot of programs this summer and fall. At 150 Women Who Care, we pitched Financially Empowering Young Adults program and a lot of people indicated they didn't know United Way did programming."

Romphf adds, "We're looking for any organization or business that is looking to have a student over the summer and it could be a week, it could be two weeks, it could be the full summer. It's just to volunteer so they get experience within that business or organization. Possibly later down the road, even a job opportunity just from networking and doing that volunteerism in the community. It's very important for youth to realize that volunteerism is just as important as having a paid position."

Dalton notes it could be as little as a couple of hours or or more, depending on the student's desire.