Portage Collegiate's extensive athletics program has gotten even larger. For the first time since 2015, discs will fly at PCI as they have brought back their ultimate team. 

"It's exciting," says team member Brooklyn Hourie. "It's like a new path we're going to be paving for future teams."

The squad welcomed two instructors from Manitoba Organized Disc Sports to teach them more about the sport on Tuesday. Grade 9 student Lochlan Marchinko says he had only played ultimate frisbee in gym class prior to this session.

"In phys-ed class, if you hit (the disc) to the ground, that would be the other team's disc, but instead, it switches possession."

Hourie notes she was able to apply some of the other skills she's picked up from playing other sports.

"Agility and speed are two of them as well as endurance and stamina," Hourie continues. "Being precise and having good hand-eye coordination help, too."

PCI hopes to join a league in May where they will be competing against schools in Winnipeg. Until then, the ultimate frisbee team will be practicing once a week in preparation for their first season in eight years.