American author Deb Sofield once wrote, "I don't know a single successful person that leaves their shopping cart in the middle of the parking lot." In other words, whether or not you put your cart away says a lot about a person's character.

Leaving shopping carts out of place and not back where they belong isn't rare in Portage la Prairie, as displayed by the multiple complaints on the Portage la Prairie Queries Facebook group over the last couple of years.

Bonnie Lynn, the creator of the group, which now has 11.7K members, recently posted to the page, echoing the message of previous posters in the group regarding shoppers not putting their carts back:

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file photoBonnie Lynn.

While some agreed with Lynn, others blamed the location of the cart corrals or stated that workers get paid to do that kind of job. Lynn acknowledged that she has mostly noticed this issue at the Portage Walmart due to the lack of cart corrals, but that shouldn't stop shoppers from putting their carts away entirely.

"Everybody seems to leave the carts in those first couple of stalls (in the accessible parking spots,) but the door is only 20 feet away. If you don't have a cart corral to go to, you can always put them at the door."

She says she has noticed it is far worse in the winter. However, it is still a problem all year long in Portage.

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Lynn notes that it is unfair to expect busy workers to drop every other task and constantly clean up these carts.

"That's a big parking lot. Can you imagine going around trying to get all these carts when you are 300,400 and 500 feet away from the door?"

People who didn't put their shopping carts away get pranked!!! 👀