With spring coming in just a few hours time (4:24 p.m.), it's time to take a look back at the winter that was.

Natalie Hasell, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, says this past winter has been fairly average, with a few anomalies in the middle of the season.

"The month of December actually saw an average that was right near normal," explains Hasell. "January was a bit warmer than normal, February was near normal again, and in March, so far, the average has been -11.3, and typically the average is -5.6, so, it's been a bit colder than normal."

When asked about the defining moment from this past winter season, she was quick to say the colder temperatures around the holidays with storms impacting some other provinces. While Portage la Prairie was only dealing with cold temperatures, anyone looking to travel to another province had to deal with a lot of chaos.

"If we look at the last couple of weeks, we've seen a number of low-pressure systems, Alberta Clippers, even Colorado Lows or things that could be defined that way," explains Hasell. "We've seen quite a bit of variability as every time these systems go through, the wind pattern changes, and that determines what air mass we're affected by next."

Hasell also described January and February as drier months compared to normal, with March on track to be similar.

Moving ahead, Hasell wants you to be aware that Portage will be in a freeze-thaw cycle, meaning roads can still freeze over again despite the snow beginning to melt.