It may be hotter than some people would like, but many Portagers are taking advantage of the summery days we've been experiencing.

Lynn Tully took her younger daughter to Island Park on Friday to enjoy the afternoon and says it's been great to get outside and experience hotter temperatures without COVID-19 restrictions looming.

"It's nice to see them actually out and getting to enjoy the park for once, because it hasn't happened in so long," notes Tully. "I have an older daughter who didn't get to do this because of COVID, so it's nice to see my youngest can actually come out."

Lynn Tully and her daughter.Lynn Tully and her daughter.

Tully mentions the bigger plans are still being laid, but she'll be taking her family to the Portage Ex, Tinker Town, and Grand Beach.

Genine Wood also took her family to the park to enjoy a picnic and says her family loves the outdoors, so they've been itching to get back into nature.

"It's really nice to share outdoor experiences as a family," says Wood. "To be in a community and see people around enjoying themselves, enjoying the weather, I think it's good for everybody's mental health. It's just a really good family memory."

While road trips are also on the horizon for the Wood family, she mentions gardening and simply enjoying the outdoors in whatever she can is what she's most looking forward to.

"I think just doing activities, seeing people around, and having more options is a really fun thing," says Wood. "Our kids are at a good age to go out and do those kinds of things."