Provincial officials are keeping an eye on where exactly this week's Colorado Low will track.

According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, the western Red River Valley could see 80-centimetres of snow with this system.

Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure minister, Doyle Piwniuk, says this amount of moisture at this point in the spring season is concerning.

"But what looks like in the future forecast into next week, is that the temperature is supposed to be below zero from Wednesday all the way to the following week. This is actually ideal for a slow melt," he added.

In fact, Dr. Fisaha Anduche, director of Manitoba's Hydrologic Forecast Centre, doesn't expect snow from this storm to melt until around April 20th.

"So, that gives us good the time the snow melt comes later in April, most of the flows we see on the Red will have started to drop down...and so the rivers will have more capacity," he explained.