Behind every dangle, snipe, and celebration in hockey is a solid defensive play that has probably been overlooked.

Former blueliner Peyton Gorski played parts of three seasons for the Portage Terriers and is looking to elevate the future of u18 defensive prospects in Saskatchewan. Gorski, along with his business partner, Alex Kannok-Leipert of the AHL's Abbotsford Canucks, have launched "Last Man Back," a program focusing on hockey's defensive structure and position of junior hockey players.

Originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Gorski helped the Portage Terriers reach Turnbull and Anavet Cup glory in 2019. He says that experience was crucial to his motivation to pursue hockey after his career ended.

"The Terriers Coach, Blake Spiller, always helped me believe that there was an opportunity to coach. Working with young players is something I enjoy doing, so having this opportunity to help develop and be a coach in the summer was something I've always looked into and wanted to do."

Gorski explains that looking back at his development as a defencemen, there was little offered to work on specific skills dedicated to the position and becoming a better shutdown player.

"We looked at something where we can offer young players looking to elevate their game, reach new levels and offer a camp specific for defencemen to really work on technical skills."

file photoPeyton Gorski.

The former Terrier says he is looking forward to the one-on-one sessions where he can help mould the games of future defencemen.

"When you look at it, there's no offence without defence, right? If you don't have defencemen capable of going back, getting the puck, and breaking it out, then you're never going to have offence yourself."

This July, Gorski and Kannok-Leipert will take to the ice with 12 u18 defencemen with specific player profiles, working with them on the ice and reviewing the film in the classroom.

"We have a bunch of WHL-drafted kids that are really looking to take the next step in their U18 AAA careers and establish themselves as elite players across the province and hopefully get those Western Hockey League opportunities."

Gorski notes that this is just the beginning and hopes this program will tap into a market that has yet to be seen.

"My time in Portage really matured me, and It made me see hockey and life through a different lens."

Last Man Back Hockey's Instagram bio states that they prioritize defence Specific Learning, Skill Development and Elevation of all defencemen.

In 111 games for the Terriers, Gorski collected 11 goals, 34 assists and 125 penalty minutes.