We're seeing plenty of Canada Geese in the skies above Portage, and on Crescent Lake.

They're preparing for their southern migration.

Retired wildlife biologist Bob Jones has watched them for many years, and tells us what's happening right now.

"They're keeping enough water open, so that they can get a bit of water," he says. "And they're still out in the fields, eating. And until the water freezes completely, they'll stay. I estimated something like 12,000 in the vicinity of Portage."

Jones points out the migration isn't always as long as you'd think.

"Some of them only go down to Rochester, Minnesota," he says. "And spend the rest of the winter in a heated pool, and feed on corn in the vicinity. Our great big Canada geese are the ones that go the short distance."

Jones notes smaller geese go as far as Texas or Louisiana.

He adds the gathering process began in September.

"And they were spread out, so that you weren't overwhelmed by the numbers," he says. "But now, the holes that they're using are fairly small. They're also using the river to some extent as well. And that's going to stay open for a while yet."