Just like that, the Centennial Cup is officially halfway over with the preliminary rounds coming to a close.

PortageOnline caught up with Cody Buhler, the Marketing Director for the Portage Terriers and he says that, overall, the games have been fantastic. He adds its very cool to see so many fans from other provinces.

"We're getting into a rhythm here at the tournament. It's kind of nice to get into that routine as everybody's having a great time."

Buhler goes on to mention that the Centennial Cup hasn't been here since 2015. Since then, there have been some changes.

"In 2015 there were only five teams. Here in 2023, there's ten teams, so it's just a lot busier. There's a lot more work on the volunteers, but everybody's been handling it well. It's great to see that extra amount of people here from different parts of the country."

As far as feedback goes, he notes that it has been fantastic to see how everybody loves the building. 

That statement intrigued us to find out what fans did think about the Centennial Cup and the answers were incredible.

Michelle Gauthier, from Ottawa, Ontario says that this has been so much fun and she cannot wait for the rest of the week.

"I'm loving it. It's a wonderful community. Everyone is so welcoming and we're having a fantastic time at the Centennial Cup."

Jeff Bitman from Yarmoth, Nova Scotia, says its a question that does not need a long answer.

"Good hospitality, good food, good hockey."

Frank Scherr all the way from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan notes that he loves the enviroment. 

"Everybody's great here. It's just everybody's so, so welcoming."

Lanny Murphy from Gananoque, Ontario is super happy to be here in Portage.

"The town has been great. The places we go to eat has been super, the fans have been good. Love seeing the little kids at the rink here and they probably enjoy a day off school, so everything's been great."

The quarterfinals start Friday with a puck drop for the first game set for 3:30 and the second for 7:30. The Terriers opponent in the playoffs will be determined after tonight's game.