Witches, goblins, and ghouls came out in the city yesterday on the hunt for some candy.

Trick-or-treaters hit the streets around 5:30 p.m. and for the most part, all were done before 9. Numbers varied around the community with many on the north side of the tracks reporting 20-50 while some in Koko Platz reported upwards of 300. Kids had to make modifications to their costumes with the temperature around -8 for most of the evening. 

Grade 5 student Grayson Mulvey said it was cold but worth it.

"I put on a long-sleeved shirt, a hoodie, a winter jacket, a toque, and winter gloves. And I fell a lot, but I got plenty of candy"

Reese Routhier, a grade seven student at Ecole Arthur Meighen made similar adjustments.

"I wore 4 long-sleeved shirts under the shirt I had for my costume. I also had to wear ski pants. After a few hours, I was cold but people were very generous and I had plenty of candy."

costumesSome of the many costumes people were showing off on our Facebook page

No major incidents were reported by the RCMP and many homeowners were commenting about how polite most of the kids were.

Crescentview SchoolThe staff at Crescentview School had some fun with the students before the big night

Local businesses and organizations partook in the Halloween festivities as well, showing Portage some of their best costumes. 

Owner and Pharmacist at Pharmasave Portage, Caitlin Giercke, mentions that they love dressing up every year. Giecke says she loves getting the office involved in costumes since it is something customers always love to see. 

"Every year, we try to do something fun here. It's also important because today is Heather's birthday, so we also want to celebrate her. This year, a couple of us dressed as Mallory (her sister)."  

Caitlyn Gierke

They were not the only ones dressed up this year, as City Hall was all decked out in Harry Potter costumes. Stacy Zimmer, a Payroll and Benefits Administrator for the city, says they have been dressing up for four or five years and get excited when the season rolls around. 

"Most of us love Halloween, so we just like to have the Halloween spirits, and it's just good fun, good staff morale."

City hall

The Workforce Training and Employment ladies all decided to dress up as a whole office for one cohesive theme. Kerri Mansell, a career development consultant, says that this is the first year they have done this, and it adds to the fun and enjoyment of the office. 

"We had a poll and voted on what costume we should be, and we decided to be the witches of Western and Northern Manitoba service area because that is how far we reach." 

Workforce and Training Ladies

The Portage Terriers were handing out treats at Stride Place and many stopped by to get their picture with T-Bone including a special guest.

. The organization is hosting an Ag Expo to kick off November today from 3 to 7 while the team will host the Winnipeg Blues at 7:30.

Terriers halloweenPlayers helped hand out treats at Stride Place and could be found around the community