National Police Week is coming to a close today. The week's origins began in 1970 as a way for police to connect with their communities and increase awareness about their services.

Paul Peddle, Inspector for the RCMP detachment in Portage la Prairie, says that these duties are vital to any community.

He talks about what it is like ensuring the community is safe and that individuals are held accountable for their actions.

"It gives people in the Portage and the Central Plains area a sense of security and comfort. As you know, police officers are human beings just like everybody else, and we care deeply about our communities and making sure that it's the best place that it can be for everybody living there. Personally, I can't imagine a world without police officers."

Peddle states that this week is when officers should get recognized for the tremendous work they do for the community.

"I can speak personally and say that they {police officers) work countless hours to ensure that they provide the highest level of policing services to the area." Notes the inspector. "It's a time to show appreciation for the officers here in the Central Plains who go above and beyond every day. They work extremely hard. I've gotten to see that first hand, so it's a time for me to thank them for the great work they do day in and day out. It's an extremely difficult job. I've been doing it myself now for almost 21 years, and I get to see it every day, especially the officers on the front line. They're out working day and night. They miss many family events. They don't make it to birthdays. They don't make it to anniversaries and other school events with their kids. So, it can be an extremely difficult job. It can be very rewarding at times as well, but I just want to take my time as the new inspector to thank all the members here for the great work that they do and just let them know how much I appreciate their great work."

Peddle notes that he wants to thank the Portage Community Revitalization Corporation, Wawokiya and the Citizens on Patrol for their tremendous work in the community.

In closing, Peddle reflects on his time as an inspector so far here in Portage.

"I've been here five months, and it's been the best five months of my career. Everybody here has welcomed me with open arms. It makes my job so much easier. As I mentioned, the job can be extremely difficult, but I think the positive days far outshine the bad ones that we face."

National Police week started last Sunday, May 15, and concludes today on May 21.

PortageOnline thanks all officers for their hard work in our community, not only during this week, but all year round.