If you have ever considered taking various forms of art classes in Portage la Prairie, there's a special day coming up that will allow you to check them out for free. Prairie Fusion Arts and Entertainment Executive Director Lorna Knight says they received a small grant through Portage Community Revitalization Corporation (PCRC), and they're holding an open house experience on Friday, December 1.

"We're going to open our doors for free all afternoon," says Knight. "We have dance classes, pottery, and we're probably going to be doing some art and drawing, as well. We're just encouraging members of the community to bring their kids in and be able to have a chance to experience all the different programming that we have here."

She notes they're utilizing a station format, where you move from one experience to another. Knight explains this removes the pressure, so you can only try whatever you want for a few minutes. 

"The small grants from PCRC supplied us with the money and enabled us to pay our instructors and be able to buy all the supplies," continues Knight. "We're really fortunate that we have that grant, and that we're going to be able to open our doors and welcome everybody in to give everyone a chance to see what we do here." 

Knight says these kinds of grants make such events possible.

"Supplies for this kind of open festivity, in terms of being able to try out everything, are very costly things for pottery and that kind of thing," adds Knight. "All of those sort of supplies are more expensive than not. And so, being able to have the grant that's going to provide the funds for us to be able to have that is instrumental in us being able to do this. So, as far as I know, this is the first time we've ever been able to do something of this kind."

She notes this takes place on a school PD day, allowing parents to bring their kids during daytime hours. 

"This gives them a good opportunity to try out a different many different art forms and be able to work one-on-one with our instructors, as well. No registration required."


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