It was earlier last week when vandals hit the new Rotary Skate Park, defacing the facility with offensive language and imagery. Thankfully, Mitch Moar, a Portage resident, used some baking soda, Windex and his spare time to clean some of it up. 
"I read some complaints about the vandalism and decided to help. There were all sorts of graffiti on there," Moar explained. "The only thing I actually removed was the racial slurs. I left everything else because I didn't think it was that big of a deal. [The skate park] is going to get graffiti. People like to do their artwork and stuff, and I don't think that's a big deal. It's more so the racism that needs to stop." 
Moar spent only 20 minutes cleaning with his wire brush, and commented he was happy to help out. 
"I think that if everyone did their half-hour a day or even half-hour a week, this city would clean up rather nicely." 
Moar noted that he usually enjoys bringing his children down to the skate park, but emphasized that no one needs to see any vulgar language on their outings. 
You can read another father's take on the vandalism below.