2022 looked very similar to 2021 on the surface for the MacGregor Fire Department.

Fire Chief Chris Leckie says the department was called 80 times in 2021 and 81 times in 2022, but the type of call was very different. He says actual fires were down, with maybe 30 per cent of total calls having to do with grass fires and bushfires.

"I think, for our department this past year, substantial flooding that occurred here this summer was definitely out of the normal for us," says Chief Leckie. "We had Tiger Dams set up. We were doing a lot of that, trying to protect the properties that were involved because of that big rain event we had."

Back in June, states of emergency were issued for both MacGregor and Austin.

Chief Leckie adds they have seen an increase in other types of calls, which is why the overall numbers are similar, even with the reduction of fires.

"There were more motor vehicle accidents. False alarms were increased as well," says Leckie. "We've seen more people out and about moving around. Our highway accidents have increased, and definitely, that's where it's pretty comparable. With the massive flooding that we had here, it took some time for our members. We're appreciative of them."

The department continues to fundraise and give back to the community and want to do even more in 2023.