The Citizens On Patrol Program in Portage logged a lot of miles in 2019, doing their residential checks. Spokesperson Rose tells us more.

"Just the regular patrolling, we did over 7000 kilometres this year," she says. "And about 1700 hours volunteered in the city of Portage."

Rose says they have a wide range of ages in the program.

"We do have some seniors, for sure, but we have all kinds of folks," she says. "And we've been very fortunate this year, that we have eight new members that are 25 years or younger. We are kind of a stepping stone if they are looking for a career in the Forces. We've been able to help one person get into the RCMP, and three get into the military."

Rose says they're always on the lookout for volunteers.

"We are a typical volunteer organization, we are always looking for new members -- always," she says, "Because this is a big city, and it's hard to have members going out all the time. So we really have to pick and choose our times. We have 31 members -- we would like to be at least 40. That would help."