Do you have mitts, gloves, beanies or toques that you could give to some kids in the community?

Mayor Sharilyn Knox hopes so and she has issued a challenge to the people of Portage la Prairie to donate winterwear to City Hall. She says she will bring them to the Portage School Division.

"The reason that I decided to start this challenge is that I have a friend who works in the school division. She sent out a group (message) to us saying that she's noticed lots of kids coming without toques and mitts, and the school is in need," says Mayor Knox. "I thought, if I want to get involved, maybe lots of citizens would want to, too. So, I thought why not start something fun at City Hall?"

Mayor Knox says they will collect the winterwear until this Friday, November 25th. You can drop off the items at the front desk.

She notes, there are many reasons why a kid might not have winterwear for recess. In some cases, maybe the kids simply forgot their gloves at home, and the parents are unable to run them in.

"If a school has them available, then that child can go out for recess, have fun with their friends, burn some energy, and come back in," says Mayor Knox. "I can't imagine being seven-years-old and going out to recess with no hat on and no gloves, and keeping my hands in my pocket, and my ears freezing, and then coming back in and trying to sit and learn. So, we want to prepare these little learners for great days and this is just one way we can help."