The Moose Jaw Warriors have reached the pinnacle of the WHL, obtaining their first championship in the organization's history. 

Among the members of the staff is a name known will in the Portage area for his work with the city's Terriers squad.

Angus Moar has been a regional scout for the Warriors since 2018 and notes it's a quality organization to be involved with.

"Our General Manager, Jason Ripplinger, I worked with him for 10 years with the Vancouver Giants, and then I came back here to work with Blake (Spiller), and then a couple years later, he (Jason Ripplinger) was in Moose Jaw, and he asked me to come back. He's a quality individual, and it reflects in his team," Moar shared. "It goes right to the players. Most of our key players have been there since they were 15 years old. They all mentioned how they grew up together and this is the perfect way to end it."

Moar notes that Moose Jaw leaned on some Manitoba talent to get them to this point.

"We have quite a few Manitoba players; our captain, Denton Mateychuk, is from the Eastman area. He's a draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and he put our team on his shoulders and carried us. He wasn't going to let us lose."

He adds that he feels a special sense of accomplishment with this milestone.

"A lot of my special moments were with my kids doing stuff, so this is actually something that I got accomplished. I'm proud of it, and I just hope we can the same thing in Portage here in the next couple years."

When asked if he would be getting a commemorative ring the championship, he noted that the job isn't finished yet.

"For sure," he noted with a smile in his voice. However, he clarified, "if we finish the job, but we've got the Memorial Cup to finish, that's the big prize."

The Memorial Cup tournament begins on May 24.