A Portage man has announced that he will be running for City Council for the first time in this upcoming election.

Faron Nicholls has added his name to the ballot. He says he was close to running in the last election after being approached by people around him, but he decided to focus on his career at the time.

He goes into detail on why he’s looking to join the council.

“I'm a firm believer that Portage is not only a place for people but people of all generations,” explains Nicholls. “I'd like to retain those young folks that are just being born today and I think it's important that we prepare a place for them to, as I have, be raised here. It’s been a wonderful place and I really want to see those young folks stay around. “

While he was born and raised in Portage, he did spend some time up north in Nunavut in the late 70s and early 80s. He hopes to inspire Portagers that are looking at raising a family to do so by staying in the community as opposed to moving away.

“I'm very community focused and minded,” says Nicholls when asked why Portagers should consider him for council.

“I spent a lot of time on boards, president of minor hockey, regional hockey, baseball. I find myself to be the type of person that wants to help, and where I can help I will.”

He notes the current council did a fantastic job with the cards they were dealt during this term and hopes he can be a part of moving the plans they’ve set forward.

The municipal election is set for October 26th.