The Portage la Prairie Friendship Centre doors may be locked, but they’re still finding ways to help the community.

Executive Director, Shirley Bernard, talks about their operations.

“We’re still supplying the essential services as we can. We’re mainly working from our office or home, but with the doors being locked, we can only meet the client at the door if they need essential services and essential services only.”

Shirley Bernard wearing protective maskThey’ve been on the phone with the different First Nations in the area to see what kind of relief is available. They’ve made sure to do their part in flattening the curve.

“We’re practicing distancing. We have facemasks, we’re wearing gloves, and we’re doing the best we can to stay safe. We’re encouraging people to stay safe. We’re putting COVID-19 fact sheets into their care packages.”

They’ve been creating care packages to give to community members in need.

Bernard says they’re always looking for more donations.

All staff are wearing masks“Everybody is eager to help with this, we’ve got lots of donations coming in. Unfortunately, we’ve got more people requesting care packages than the donations that are coming in. We’re also working on a partnership with the Manitoba Metis Federation Head Office. We don’t have confirmation on that yet, but they have said they are going to work with us to look after their people in Portage.”

You can reach Bernard by call or text at 204-871-3280.