The Portage Judo Open competition took place for the first time in two years this weekend. 

The BDO Centre was home to several judo clubs on Saturday, with over 90 competitors in action over the course of the tournament. The Portage Open saw competitors of all ages with categories from U10 all the way up to senior, with several weight classes in each age group.

Brody Malinowski competed in the veteran category for the Selkirk Judo Club and says it was so nice to get back to competing once again.

"It's really nice, especially considering that it's been two years since the last time I competed," says Malinowski. "I'm a little bit rusty since it's been quite a while from the last time I fought, but it feels good."

Malinowski says the biggest challenge he faced in his first tournament back is controlling the adrenaline and notes you have to make sure you are focused for the entire match. He outlines the main differences between training and competing.

"It's a lot more intense, and there's a little bit more pressure because you have a lot of people that are watching you," Malinowski explains. "I try to treat practices the same as competitions though, working my hardest at both. There are also some different people that you don't get to fight all of the time in the competitions."

He says the facility in Portage was a great place to be.

"I'm not from the area, but it's definitely a nice place," says Malinowski. "It's a good area to have the tournament with a lot of space. It's just a nice host club, I really like it."

The Portage Judo Club had 18 medallists at the tournament, here's how they fared:

Bronze Medallists
Brody Hues - U12 - 40kg
Austyn Jenner - U12 - 48kg
Dylan Tkachuk - U14 - 50kg
Oliver Bures - U16 - 73kg
Jacob Dudgeon-Sykes - U16 - 66kg
Chysom Scott - Veteran - 100kg

Silver Medallists
Noah McLellan - U12 - 38kg
Tristan Jenner - U14 - 46kg
Chysom Scott - Senior - 100kg

Gold Medallists
Elliot Verwey - U12 - 52kg
Corwin Wallace - U12 - 33kg
Kaylyn Wallace - Female U14 - 52kg
Tennyson Verwey - U16 - 73kg
Kailyn Asham - Female U16 - 52kg
Jack Adamson - Senior - Newaza Open
Eric Jenner - Veteran - 100kg