The Portage la Prairie School Division has announced they are changing their catchment areas due to Crescentview School and Ecolé Arthur Meighen School exceeding its student capacity for next year.

The new maps were shared at an information session on Wednesday.

Superintendent Todd Cuddington says enrollment has been increasing for the last five years.

"There's a lot of new housing starts and development in the Arthur Meighen/Crescentview catchment area. That's been putting pressure on the two schools for some time," says Cuddington. "Ultimately, the board realized that we had to to look at a revision of the catchment area map that hadn't been done since 2007."

The original changes were made when Prince Charles School and Victoria School were closed.

He says the board spent a good deal of time reviewing and considering a number of different factors before making this decision. Cuddington notes this decision removes the constraints that are on those two schools.

"They're really not designed to accommodate more than 500 students, and we're really bursting at the seams, particularly in the Crescentview School," says Cuddington. "We've been able to manage over the last few years because we've added classroom space and we've allocated students into different rooms and shifted things around."

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