The 47th annual Winnipeg World of Wheels car show is taking place in Winnipeg and started Friday, March 22, running through Sunday the 24th. A Portage la Prairie resident has his hot rod in the show. 

Vic Giesbrecht was invited to display his 1932 Ford Roadster. 

"It's a show put on by World of Wheels and it showcases all older vehicles: Hot rods, classics, and original vehicles from the '20s, '30, '40s, '50s, '60s, and '70s."

He notes he's always had a fondness for old cars and always wanted to have a hot rod. 

"I had an opportunity to buy this car. This is going to be the sixth summer for me, I've always liked old cars, I had a chance to buy it, and I did." 

He explains how the invitation came about.

"I'm a member of the Vintage Cruisers Car Club in Portage and one of the guys knew some of the gentlemen that run that show, and they told him what I had. He got in contact with me and asked me if I could bring it. This is the first older car I've ever had."

Giesbrecht adds it's the first large car show he's been involved with.

"I've been involved in those and I've gone to other towns around that have shows," continues Giesbrecht. "There's all kinds of shows going on during the summer. I've been to lots of different shows around Southern Manitoba.  I kind of wanted that model because 1932 is kind of an iconic hot rod. It's one-year-only style, so they're quite sought after. I just always fell in love with the shape of it."

He says there are many of that model of car around the continent, and they're stored for much of the year, so they're not always easy to see on the road. 

"California and the southern states are full of them,"' says Giesbrecht. "They're all modified. You can get any parts you want for that car. There are companies in California that are a big supplier of parts for that style of hot rod. It's got a souped-up engine and big tires. Kids see my car and they say, 'Oh. You got a Hot Wheels car.'"

Giesbrecht says he's looking forward to the awards that will be handed out.

"There are different awards for different models; like Chevy, Ford, and Chrysler. I think there's maybe a fan favourite or something like that."

Check out the car show, and stop by to say hi to Vic.